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Jovan was unable to pay their Property Tax Bill. Their properties have been repossessed by the State, and are now available for auction.

6 days ago

Someone stole a car from urboicheeto!

2 months ago

urboicheeto has joined the game

2 months ago

Someone stole £500 from KDEN

2 months ago

Winter has joined the game

2 months ago

Axler has joined the game

2 months ago

ImBack has joined the game

2 months ago

OndreyA won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

2 months ago

Someone stole £25,399,931 from OneEyedKing

2 months ago

Yatashil won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

2 months ago

ConMan has joined the game

2 months ago

OneEyedKing won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

2 months ago

Yatashil has joined the game

2 months ago

Someone stole £200 from A_L_I_N_A

2 months ago

StormSilver has joined the game

2 months ago

poop has joined the game

2 months ago

KingDirt has joined the game

2 months ago

LennoMaster won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

2 months ago

SangreMuerto has joined the game

3 months ago

polackova_d won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

3 months ago

Someone stole a car from OneEyedKing!

3 months ago

laikyn has joined the game

3 months ago

LennoMaster has joined the game

3 months ago

Someone snitched on davidTheKill, they are now rotting in jail for 4 minutes

3 months ago

Someone stole £500 from FrCyza

3 months ago

Someone snitched on davidTheKill, they are now rotting in jail for 4 minutes

3 months ago

Someone stole a car from JohnoTheKid!

3 months ago

Someone stole a car from OneEyedKing!

3 months ago

Someone stole £32,674,617 from OneEyedKing

3 months ago

davidTheKill won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

3 months ago

Someone stole £38,425,367 from OneEyedKing

3 months ago

Someone stole £65,334,068 from OneEyedKing

3 months ago

Someone stole a car from OneEyedKing!

3 months ago

Someone stole £437,533 from davidTheKill

3 months ago

Someone stole a car from OneEyedKing!

3 months ago

die2009 has joined the game

3 months ago

Someone stole a car from Meta!

3 months ago

octazet has joined the game

3 months ago

Gabs won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

3 months ago

Someone stole a car from OneEyedKing!

3 months ago

Someone stole £400 from Ketasusta

3 months ago

Wamiq has joined the game

3 months ago

IV-Shadow won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

3 months ago

UmbertoII has joined the game

3 months ago

davidTheKill has joined the game

3 months ago

RosyPosy has joined the game

3 months ago

CAROLINE has joined the game

3 months ago

OneEyedKing won £100,000,000 on the lottery!

4 months ago

Steve has joined the game

4 months ago

HiHowAreYa has joined the game

4 months ago

Feature Highlight

Garage Hospital Bullet Factory Gym Drugs Soloplay Activities Jail Busting Drugs Lab Engineering Workshop Partner Crimes Heist Achievements Crew Moderators Syndicates Collaboration and Improvement Premium Means No Pay To Win Armoury Safehouses Businesses Bounties Arson Murder Pickpocket Car Theft Snitch Personal Security Locations Discussion Forums & Community Banking Secure Trading Marketplace Property Auctions Properties & Property Tax Leaderboards Chatrooms Enhance Your Skills Car Showroom Casinos Federal Government Always Improving

Our Feature Highlight

Mafia Online is ram packed with features, as well as an active community and development team.

We are always adding new features, and improving existing ones alongside our community suggestions and Beta testing team.


Image representing Garage Your garage is where you can repair, upgrade, modify, and transfer ownership of vehicles you have gained through ill-gotten means, or from our car showroom or other players. Garages are owned by different players in each location, making them a valuable asset


Image representing Hospital You can't take a shower without getting wet. Being a criminal means that you will likely get injured at some point. When you do, you'll need to get patched up, that's what our hospital is for. Each city has one, and they are owned by players

Bullet Factory

Image representing Bullet Factory Bullet Factories allow the production and purchase of bullets, which are used in various activities throughout the game. The most valuable properties which can be owned by players in the game, bullet factories produce bullets at cost, and can be produced and sold as the owner deems fit


Image representing Gym Keeping your speed and strength up is very important for an active criminal, making it harder to be attacked and arrested. To fulfil the welfare requirements of our mafioso every city has a player owned gym, where you can work out and keep on top of your game


Image representing Drugs Drugs are a major part of local, national and international crime. In Mafia Online you can produce drugs, traffick them wholesale, or deal them on the street. With a fluctuating market the challenge is to ensure you are producing, selling, and distributing the right drugs at the right time

Soloplay Activities

Image representing Soloplay Activities We have a wide range of solo play activities to help you gain experience, cash, cars and more. Carrying out these activities increase your rank in the game, with over a dozen solo play activities there is plenty to keep you busy

Jail Busting

Image representing Jail Busting Even the best gangsters have to spend time in jail, and it is a mighty inconvenience. Pay your bail, have a friend bust you out, or hire a lawyer and see if they can get you a reduced sentence or off the hook. Or serve your sentence while chatting in our jailhouse chatroom

Drugs Lab

Image representing Drugs Lab Fancy getting a bit "Breaking Bad"? Improve your drug production skills and produce thousands of kilograms of different narcotics ready to be sold to end users or trafficked wholesale

Engineering Workshop

Image representing Engineering Workshop Guns and bullets are expensive, level up your engineering skill to produce your own bullets and weapons. With a high engineering skill you will also do less damage to the vehicles that you manage to steal

Partner Crimes

Image representing Partner Crimes Team up with another player to hit targets too hard to hit solo, with automated profit splits and a range of ways to tackle each job, get involved and earn big pay days and experience. Our Carjacking feature allows the hijack of a cargo of cars, instead of paying cash, 2 player co-operative missions


Image representing Heist Heists are five player co-operative missions where every player plays a part for a big pay day in experience and cash, the skills of every player for their assigned role come into play when working out how successful your job is


Image representing Achievements Achievements can be earned for various things throughout the game, your achievements total to give you an achievement point score, so you can see how well you are doing compared to your friends, and alerting other players to the kind of player you are - how many cars have you stole? How many people have you snitched...


Image representing Crew Your crew is a really important part of your ability to survive and thrive in the game, pay them a daily salary and you can have a bodyguard, an intelligence operative, and a lawyer. They all do something value to keep you free, alive, and wealthy, but be careful, treat them badly and they will leave


Image representing Moderators We are really fortunate to have community moderators willing to give up their free time to help the game and its community, if you get stuck they will be on hand to help out, and they ensure everything stays as friendly as possible in our community functions


Image representing Syndicates Syndicates are a key part of Mafia Online, team up with your friends and claim a location, store funds and bullets in your vault and plan world domination! Syndicate members receive perks in their home location, and in the locations of their allies, though they do also receive detrimental treatment in hostile locations, made up for by the protection that is paid by all properties in that location

Collaboration and Improvement

Image representing Collaboration and Improvement We are always looking for new ways to improve our game, through things like player surveys and discussions in our community channels with players. Our Community Moderators double up as development helpers to make sure that we are always exploring new and exciting ideas, and improving the assets we already have

Premium Means No Pay To Win

Image representing Premium Means No Pay To Win Mafia Online is completely free to play, but for those who really want to commit and help game development and themselves we have a premium membership option which does come with some perks. The controlled nature of premium membership rules out the possibility of pay to win with purely purchase currencies


Image representing Armoury Visit the armoury and see what they have to offer, an arsenal of weapons are available for you to scare, maim, and kill our enemies, from humble side arms to the mighty Gatling Gun, choose your weapon and head to war


Image representing Safehouses Need to get your head down because someone is trying to kill you? Perhaps you need somewhere to stash your valuable cars and a stockpile of emergency cash? Then the Safehouse is for you, a valuable commodity in Mafia Online, you can have one per location and hide your criminal proceeds from other players


Image representing Businesses We are all business men and women here. Your businesses allow you a residual income for as long as you stay on top of them. We have 5 different industries, all soon to be improved, and all of which offering different levels of income. Manage the security of your businesses to stop them from being attacked by other players and watch the money roll in


Image representing Bounties Got a problem with another player that you can't solve yourself? Put a price on their head and let someone else do the work. Simultaneously, make yourself available for hire, and attack the players on the board to earn their bounties once the job is done


Image representing Arson Nothing sends a message like fire. Carry out an arson attack on another player's garage and watch all the cars they own go up in flames. Causing millions of pounds worth of damage in minutes feels so good


Image representing Murder When all other options have been exhausted, perhaps it is time to take someone out. Riddle their body with bullets, get rid of their bodyguard, and watch their empire crumble. But be careful, if another player sees you then the word might get out about who carried out the hit


Image representing Pickpocket In the words of Memphis Raines, some people are self indulgent weiners with too much bloody money! Relieve other players of their hard earned funds and hope they don't find out

Car Theft

Image representing Car Theft Stealing cars from other players can be a profitable business, as long as you don't end up with a bullet in your head. But be careful, players can booby trap their cars so that they explode in your face when you try to steal them


Image representing Snitch So it goes against Omerta and everything the Mob stands for. Sometimes, it's just convenient for someone else to spend some time in jail. And you can instigate it, just pay the right people and watch a hefty sentence get handed down to your competition

Personal Security

Image representing Personal Security These are difficult times, and it is important to make sure you are as safe as you can be, in addition to the bodyguard and intelligence operative, you can also arm yourself and decide how you will (automatically) respond to incoming fire from another player. Make sure anybody who tries to take you down goes down first.


Image representing Locations We currently have five European locations in the game, you can travel between them and they all have different drugs markets. Locations and Syndicates, and consequently your reputation in that area will impact everything you try to do, head into hostile territory at your own peril!

Discussion Forums & Community

Image representing Discussion Forums & Community Our discussion forums allow the open and free support, discussion and advertisement of in game features and products


Image representing Banking Send and receive money, less transfer fees, and store your money in bank accounts to hide it from the federal government and to earn interest

Secure Trading Marketplace

Image representing Secure Trading Marketplace Tired of getting ripped off? Our security trading marketplace allows the anonymous trade of bullets, bearer bonds, and cash in game

Property Auctions

Image representing Property Auctions When a player is holding a propert they no longer wish to own, they can either drop it or send it to another player, or they can put it up for auction with a quick-sale price, a secret reserve, and an auction duration as a secure way to receive your money (minus an auction fee) and properties from other players

Properties & Property Tax

Image representing Properties & Property Tax Many of the amenities in the game are owned by players, this helps circulate money in the economy, each property will pay protection to their local syndicate. Property tax prevents the hoarding of properties by other players. Making money from core game functions, like vehicle repairs, in your location certainly has its perks


Image representing Leaderboards We have lifetime and round-based leaderboards, so you can always see how you and your competition are doing. Can you climb the game, economic, and violence leaderboards? Be careful though, become too notorious and you will attract the attention of other players


Image representing Chatrooms Chatting to other players is a really important part of any massively multiplayer online game, so we have ensured that these lines of communication are opened and stay that way. We use Discord, in-game chatrooms, and direct messaging to converse with other players

Enhance Your Skills

Image representing Enhance Your Skills Strength, speed, leadership, shooting, intimidation, engineering, drug production, and more. Each skill has its own perks, helping you stay ahead of the law, smash your opponents in fights, produce larger batches of drugs or bullets, or be more effective in a heist, it all helps

Car Showroom

Image representing Car Showroom Not all cars can be easily stolen, for over-inflated prices, if you are in a bind, head over to Honest Baz's Car Showroom (owned by players) and get the cars of your choice delivered straight to your garage


Image representing Casinos When the fun stops, stop. Until then, play high stakes Roulette, bet on the Races, and hit the slots in the hopes of making a tonne of money, or bankrupting the casino owner and gaining ownership of the casino for yourself

Federal Government

Image representing Federal Government When you become too notorious the Federal Government will come knocking. Whether they shut down your businesses, stop and arrest you in the street, seize your bank accounts or any other nasty thing they can think of doing to stop you from becoming the undisputed overlord of the criminal underworld

Always Improving

Image representing Always Improving Playing Mafia Online you know that the development will never finish. For over a year we have been consistently delivering new features, improvements, and enhancements, largely based on what players have suggested to us. Want a new feature? Just let us know!

Game News

Latest News: Version 2020.1 is now out!

Hey everybody

So, as I have been talking about for ages, we had a whole bunch of features coming, and these have now been released. I'm not going to go into painful detail in this news post, instead I will direct you to the release page This is a user provided link

I hope you enjoy the new features, there are, of course, more coming Emoji


Our Reviews

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 23 players

From the November 2019 Game Survey

What is Mafia Online

Mafia Online is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game set in the modern day world.

In the game players compete with one another to dominate locations and leaderboards, as well as achieving round-specific objectives.

Additionally we have a wealth of economic functions such as property auctions, business management and secure currency trading.

The most important part of any mafia game is, of course, Player vs Player, or PVP. We have a number of PVP functions, which is growing all the time, to encourage players to topple one another from the leaderboards.

Text Based Mafia Game

Mafia Online is a text based, massively multiplayer online role playing, browser game. But that's a mouthful, so we'll break it down a bit to make it make some more sense.

Firstly, we are text based, that means we don't have moving animations like many computer games would have. It means the outcomes of activities and such are based on complex algorithms and mathematical probabilities.

Being Massively Multiplayer means that we have a world where many many players can play and compete with one another. Being a roleplaying game means that one acts as their character, rather than themselves. I mean, I hope that you guys don't go around murdering one another in the real world!

As a browser game, that simply means that you do not need to have or run any special hardware of software or install anything to play the game. Just visit and you'll find us and can play.

Lovingly developed by
JohnoTheCoder at
JTC Labs

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