Mafia Online

Welcome to Mafia Online, an online text based mafia game, which is free to play.

Progress your character through their criminal career, build business empires, get involved with Criminal Syndicates. Attack other players, their businesses, and their syndicates in your journey to Legend


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Amsterdam bullet factory has been restocked. There are now 15,000 bullets in stock, at $33,000 each
18/10/2019 08:25

lemon has joined the game
17/10/2019 22:40

Balach has joined the game
16/10/2019 19:43

Chocochungus has joined the game
16/10/2019 16:16

Shots fired in Cape Town!
16/10/2019 14:52

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  1. Hadouken Satan's Soldiers
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  5. DarthVader The Empire

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