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Roadmap for Version 2019.05

Hey everybody

Following the successful launch of our new skin, and some rapid patches thanks to some really diligent and helpful players, here is the roadmap for 2019.05 (our next version)

In short, there are about 20 things being developed, about a dozen of those are new features, and the majority of the rest improvements to existing features.

This is largely based on feedback from players of the game, and the community aspect of development is now being managed by WhiteWitch, we'll be using our forum for discussion around the features, but for the most part. I will ask WhiteWitch to post new topics in the development forum for each item on the roadmap (excluding technical improvements), so that we can discuss the features and you all can have your say.

Read the 2019.05 Roadmap Here


New Design Launched - And Some Other Improvements

Hey everyone

Well I surely hope you can see a difference in Mafia Online, but to summarise...

  1. All new design for the game, which includes improvements on mobile and iPad
  2. New design also incorporated day/night mode switching
  3. Performance improvements
  4. Additional forum for development discussion

What this has really done is brought the design of the game inline with what it is, and away from the corporate look and feel we had previously. It has also enabled development in a bunch of other areas.

I hope you like it, and look forward to the new features coming, which (following this update) will start to become easier to trickle in

Feedback is always welcome :)


Development Update September 2019

Hey everyone

So I thought I would let you know what's been going on, since I haven't put much up about the upcoming projects. Our steering groups have been involved (Beta Testers and Premium Members) in planning how we continue the game.

I will keep this as short as possible, phase one is a re-skin of the game. This is for several reasons and has several perks. I have now completed the solo activities (the stuff under the "Actions" menu here), and am working through Co-Operatives and the various other pages which need to be rebuilt.

The second phase is a couple of new features, to enable a round-based style of play. The length of the rounds, the differences between rounds (such as bonuses and such) are still being discussed and considered.

The third phase is to continue development of new features, in new faster ways. Additionally, preparing the game to be developed into apps on Android and iOS, to open us up to new players, and easier gameplay on mobile.

Personally, I think the new theme is looking really good and coming along very nicely - but don't take my word for it, hopefully our Beloved Beta Crew will jump on here and tell you all about it :)

More updates as they're available


Vicious Murder Updates

Hey all

Sorry I didn't get this out last night when I wanted to! Half of the UK lost internet connection, so I had nothing until this morning.

I have now patched murder to have more impact on the player being shot. I will leave the specifics to your imagination, but it definitely holds more of a sting now

Enjoy! ;)


Happy Birthday to us!

Hey everyone

I just wanted to post a super quick one, to wish the game a happy birthday. Ironically, it's my birthday tomorrow, about a year ago, in the early hours of the morning. I pushed version 1.0 of the game live.

What a journey it's been, thank you to the 1,500+ people who have registered and played, to everybody who's been involved in the community. Long may it continue!

Development updates coming soon. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be doing nothing but celebrating.

Much loves all


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