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Round 1 Results - The Winners!

Hey everybody

Thank you to everybody who played the first round of Mafia Online, I can now confirm the leaderboard for the first round as follows...

5th place - 81 points - @Galactus

4th place - 105 points - @WhiteWitch

3rd place - 150 points - @Morningstar

JOINT FIRST PLACE - @oneeyedking and @galactica

Well done to our winners! And enjoy the next round :)


Achievements, Property Tax, and Round Reset

Hey everybody

So, we did our survey and got loads of really useful feedback, which I am working on implementing as quickly as possible.

First things first, Achievements! You may have already noticed, we now have achievements. You can find these on your profile and on your own achievements page, more achievements will be coming over time but for now you can see your achievements at

Next up, you probably noticed that people started getting charged Property Tax this weekend, you can find out more information about property tax in this news post:

Aaaaand time for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The round reset, the second round of the game, will be happening on FRIDAY 6th DECEMBER. The current round will be ending at 6.30pm, and Round 2 (El Chapo) will commence at 7pm. (All times are UK time)

Round 2 ~ El Chapo


The winners of this round will be the players who have made the most profit through the Drug Trafficking functionality.

Round Specific Objectives

  1. Produce 250kg of Cocaine in your Drug Lab
  2. Earn £500m through your Drugs Businesses
  3. Sell 500kg of Heroin through Drug Dealing

More information about rounds in general can be found in the guide:


Property Tax From 30th November

Hi everybody

As you know we've been developing our property tax system. This is now live but not charging anybody until Saturday the 30th of November.

A detailed run down on this feature can be found here

You can see your property tax liability on this page

Of course, if you wish to avoid property taxes you can either sell, drop, or auction properties. If you fail to pay your property tax bill your properties will be repossessed and put up for auction.

This is an attempt to balance the game map and prevent overpowering, as we've seen a few times.

Detailed specifications about future features will be coming soon


Latest Version - 2019.06 Launched

Hi everybody

So a quick development update from me, as you may have noticed some changes!

Car Showrooms can now be owned by players

Social Feed we now have a social feed which can show all the posts that have been made between players and syndicates

**Bug with Syndicate Forum ** has now been resolved

Mobile navigation has been improved, with splash pages introduced

Desktop navigation has been reworked to just make it a bit damn easier to find your way through all these features!

Home page has been reworked, to provide easier link through to game activities

Registration User Journey has been improved, to automatically create the character, and automatically send the email verification

Syndicates the whole Syndicate user interface has been completely reworked to make it less crappy

Syndicate information page now shows diplomatic information about each of the Syndicates

I think that is about everything, but there have been lots of little tweaks to make things better! As always, feedback and discussion is welcome either here or in the development forum. The same applies for any bugs you may find :)


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