Sunday, 29th July, 2018

Development Works Update - 29th July

Hey everyone

It's been a busy weekend for feature development, as you can see from my previous update. However, I thought I should do a more holistic update taken from This is a user provided link">the feature list on the forum


You can now pickpocket other players, either selected at random, or targeted. You can steal up to $10,000 and the chance of success is between 40% and 60% based on the rank of the character and the target. Additionally, there is a 50% chance you will remain anonymous vs informing the target character that it was you who stole from them.

More business industries

We now have 4 business industries with which you can earn money in the background. These are drug dealing, prostitution, gambling, and loan sharking. These all have 5 levels of business (for profitability) and 5 levels of security.

Business attacking (for damage, and to empty the vault)

With black market businesses it is always possible someone will want to try and take your business out. There are 3 strategies to this, the first is to try and damage your business, which will stop it from earning money. The second is to try a heist, to empty the vault (which will not stop the business from earning money), and the final is to do both. Take their money, and damage their business as well to prevent them from earning more.

As a side note on this functionality, if the owner of the business is in the same location they will try to get involved in the fight. If you are successful, they will lose some health. If you are unsuccessful you will lose some health. This only applies if the target business' owner is in the same location.

Again, there is a risk here that your target will know that it was you who has attacked their business. You can attack businesses by industry, character, or random. Attacking businesses only works on businesses in your current location.

Hospital Functionality

To allow you to get healed up, for a price. Of course, whilst you are in hospital you cannot carry out other business actions.

Snitching (to imprison other players)

Every 3 hours you can snitch on another player to try and have them imprisoned for between 5 and 30 minutes. This is an expensive task, costing between $1.5m and $5m depending on if you are bribing local authorities, federal authorities, or Interpol. There is a chance this can backfire and land you in prison on corruption charges. Additionally there is a chance your target will know it was you who has tried to build a case against them.

Car Theft (from other players)

Stealing cars from players is now possible. As with the other types of attack you can select at random from your location, or you can target a specific player. As always, there is a chance they will know who tried to steal from them.

Depending on the next feature, you can damage your health by attempting to steal cars.

Car Transportation & Modification

Cars can now be modified and transported. Modifications include armour plating (making vehicles harder to use, and eligible for some jobs), cleaning (required to use vehicles in tasks), and bombing. Armour plating will reduce the chance of a successful theft by 20%, bombing your vehicle will give it a 90% chance of detonating upon theft, which will damage the thief's health.

Cars can also be transported to your current location, this is done at a cost of $25,000 per car.

Car Transfer

Cars can now be transferred between players. There is no cost to doing this.

Cash Transfer

Cash can now be transferred between players, recipients will receive a notification. There is a 5% transfer charge to do this.

Player Property Ownership (casinos, airports, etc) - and ownership reclamation

Hospitals, garages, airports, armouries, bullet factories, and money transfer agencies can all now be owned, there is one of each property per location. What this means is that any money spent in those places (transporting, armour plating cars, purchasing bullets, etc) goes to the player who owns the business, rather than being lost from the game.

There is also a properties page, which can be used to either drop (abandon) businesses, or to transfer them to other players. To claim a business which is either unowned, or owned by a dead character. Simply visit it, at the appropriate location.

The properties User Interface will list all the properties that you own, along with options to transfer/drop them, and information about the profitability of that property.

Bullet Factories and Production (player owned)

Bullet factory functionality is now launched. The owner of a business factory is responsible for setting the price of bullets, and for producing those bullets. Bullet production costs $10,000 per bullet.

Businesses Page

Underneath HQ you will now find a businesses page, this is after a report that players could not always remember where their businesses were. The businesses page will tell you the location of all your businesses, their levels, and vault statuses.

User Interface, Navigation, and New Pages

I have slightly reworked the navigation to facilitate all the new functionality. You will also notice a Game Info tab which is new, and includes a new page for the leaderboard (which I have removed from the home page), and locations - which details the properties which are owned and by whom.

That's it for tonight!



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