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Evening everyone

So another set of features as part of the Gambino Edition, and this is a big one, so I'm organising the list below. However, the main aim of this version was to address the difficulty users who have hit the rank of Don+ have experienced, and to enhance our community features, as well as lining us up for the Heists release.

New Features

  1. Workshop - allows you to produce guns and ammunition, as well as gaining experience and building your Engineering skill
  2. Fraud - allows you to carry out scams which mature in an hour, gaining experience, and building your Deception skill
  3. Driving - this was implemented this weekend and allows you to use a car and gain cash and experience, as well as building your Driving skill
  4. Judgement - this was implemented this weekend, allowing you to earn experience, and build your Leadership skill
  5. Jail Attack - when you enter jail you may now find yourself attacked by other inmates, this is worse if you are at war with the Syndicate whose territory you are currently within. This will not kill you, but you will want to seek medical attention

General Enhancements

  1. UI enhancements, mostly offering the choice to utilise bonds, this is to make the process of resetting timers and such more convenient
  2. UI enhancements to mobile which were part of this release, but went live yesterday morning
  3. Added a new Partner Crime, which requires a higher rank and required greater upfront cost, but rewards greater experience. Profits are up to around $20m
  4. New bodyguarding missions for higher ranks
  5. More assassination missions for higher ranks
  6. Added a skills overview page (inside your HQ)
  7. Changed the bail payout so that it is more economically accurate, and to reinstate the value of "snitching"
  8. Following A/B testing the Crime UI has been rolled back to the previous, simplistic version

Community Enhancements

  1. When you post a topic, or reply to one, you are auto-subscribed to further updates. The same as when you reply to an article, this means that you receive notifications when further comments or replies are posted. Of course this also comes with "unsubscribe" functionality to stop receiving those notifications

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the "double kill" bug whereby kills could be stolen and bullets wasted on killing players who were already dead
  2. Fixed a bug caused when characters hit Legend
  3. Fixed a bug whereby jail time and bail were always the same
  4. Triple diplomacy notifications to Discord issue has been resolved

The Next Features

The next features you can look forward to include some of the following, in no particular order, and with no particular timeframes attached

  1. New bond redemptions, including Exp powerups, and starter kits
  2. Heists - 5 player co-operative missions - these will rely on the ranks and skills of the players involved
  3. Achievements - think along the lines of Steam or XBox Live
  4. Missions - think along the lines of "quests" with qualifying criteria, decent exp payouts, and such
  5. And much more, stay tuned!

As always, until next time



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