An update on the progression of Mafia Online, and on MO2

A brief introduction to this, anybody who has been paying attention to the game, especially on Discord, will know that we’ve been in the process of rebuilding Mafia Online, specifically I have been rebuilding the game to allow for a number of key changes. I had been somewhat stunted in this by various commitments in the real world, and the enormity of the task at hand, as well as being single handed.

The development of the game has now been handed over to a team (Kya Software, of which I am a part) to continue the development of the game as a joint effort.

We’ve been having discussions about how best to build this, and had initially agreed that a rebuild was the best way forward, and that this is how we should proceed. We started the process of mapping out everything that needed to be done.

Following having a full specification, I raised the question as to whether we should actually consider trying to transform the game as it is, rather than rebuilding features and such. We’ve discussed whether we can achieve the ultimate objectives of the rebuild, in a more controlled and gradual way, by doing this.

The conclusion we have come to is that actually, yes, it is a better idea to continue working on the game in its current form. This means new features will be coming to this platform and a number of changes (some big and some small) are coming to the game.

An outline of some of the new features

This does mean that the current roadmap to an extent does still stand, whilst various technological progressions are made. I’m going to concentrate, in this article, on what you, the players, can see.

The biggest change, no more death

The first feature I am going to work on is no more death. Well, that’s not strictly true, but a successful murder, instead of destroying your character and you having to create a new one, will have a bunch of other consequences, but will not mean you lose everything and need to sign up again.

It is likely this will mean that properties cannot be owned by players any more, as there would be on real way of ensuring these can be shared through the game.

No more bonds

This one will take some working out but we will be phasing bonds out. We will also be introducing levels of premium membership, this is to prevent overpowering - whilst this hasn’t happened


The business concept has caused economic problems in the game, we are going to be replacing it with two different concepts. Legitimate businesses, and illegitimate employees (such as drug dealers), as well as employing your own entourage to provide you perks in the game (and help drain some money from the economy)

Levels, not ranks

The other thing we will be implementing is a level system, rather than ranks. This will help make the game longer term, and creating more opportunities for “end game” play, and expansion upon this.


The locations functionality is going to change, to allow district, city, country and continent level functionality and bonuses when building your business empire.

More PVP

With the loss of murder functionality, we’re going to ensure there’s more functionality which allows active PVP, as, let’s be honest, PVP is the most fun part of the game.

More Features

There are a whole load of other new features and we’ll be roadmapping them in the GitHub issue system


Now that a rebuild isn’t coming, as such, and we’re going to be improving and enhancing the game over time, it is likely that we will continue our previous efforts to advertise and drum up activity in the game again, we are at nearly 1,000 users signed up and it would be great to get activity really rolling again.

Tech Nerdiness

For those who understand, the end goal of the new features and everything else is to allow us to deliver the game, eventually as a Single Page Application - what this really means is that then we have an entirely separate API and frontend application, allowing us into the next phase of the game: Mobile Apps.

Beta Testers

I strongly suspect we will still be looking to increase our roster of Beta Testers, so that we can have a Beta round running alongside our live round, which is limited in number, but allows new features to be tested by real players.


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