Saturday, 4th August, 2018

Bonds, Property Drops and Casinos

Hi everyone


So a quick feature update, Casinos are now in place. We have slot machines, roulette, and horse races - all of which are currently owned by me. When they're dropped what will happen is that if you win more than the owner of the casino has on hand, you will bankrupt the casino and claim ownership to it.

Property Drops

I have now dropped a number of properties around the world. First player to get to them, claims them.

Rank Bar

You will see you now have a percentage next to your rank in your statistics bar. This tells you how close to you are to achieving the next rank.

Bearer Bonds

You can now buy, and utilise, bearer bonds. Bonds can also be transferred between players - so feel free to arrange trades.

That's all for now - more features to come soon!


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