Saturday, 10th August, 2019

Car Showroom

Hi everyone,

We have a new feature now live - the This is a user provided link">car showroom.

What this does is allow you to buy, for an exorbitant price, any vehicle in the game that you might need; the idea behind this feature is to encourage high value partner crimes, carjacks, and heists - as well as the various other tasks which require cars to be used.

Next features planned include;

  • Car Auctions - so you can list your cars for automatic sale (for a price) to other players
  • Federal Government - who will automatically target the wealthiest players in the game every few days, in an attempt to disrupt criminal activity (and rebalance the economy)
  • Drug Dealing - so that you can sell drugs on the streets, drugs which you have purchased at wholesale, or produced yourself, though there is a high risk associated with this
  • Profile Posts and Status Updates - Allow status posts on your profile, and other people to post on your wall
  • Forum Revamp - So we can have multiple forums, with threads inside them

So, for now



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13:06 on 11/08/2019

Another feature on the list which I totally failed to mention is a reskin - mostly because it will enable night mode and day mode toggling for players, and to make the navigation better

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