Disruption Edition Part One

Hello everyone

I would be very surprised if you hadn't noticed some changes to the game! I've been working from our GitHub as per my previous news post, but here are the release notes for the deployment I've just done.

New Navigation

We've had to tackle the navigation slightly to tackle some issues around how many items there were, additionally I thought this would be a good opportunity to help communicate the ownable properties, as well as remove some of the confusion around the navigation items.

Co-Operatives - Partner Crime and Carjack

The experience payout on these have now been improved, particularly for higher ranks.

Additionally, Carjacks will now payout Tier 6 to 8 cars, instead of Tier 5 to 8

Solos: Stolen Goods, Bodyguarding, and Assassination

New missions have been added to these to help ranking at a higher level. You can now smuggle people, protect a global sensation pop star, and assassinate a Godfather. These are all for the Global ranks.

PVP: Pickpocket

Pickpocket can now be committed less frequently, but rather than stealing between 1k and 10k from your target, you will steal between 5% and 15% of what they have on hand.

Slight Tweaks to Murder UI

Something which had been mentioned to me a couple of times, there are now timers for when your search will complete, as well as a countdown to how long you have before your search expires. Additionally, once searches have been expired for a day they'll be wiped from the system, to clean the UI for the more bloodthirsty among you.

Bonds Redemptions

  1. Starter packs are now available - giving you a range of cash, bullets, and cars
  2. You can now powerup your account on from the bonds page, getting double experience for 1, 3, or 7 days
  3. You can now powerup your businesses, getting double payout, for 1, 3, or 7 days
  4. There are now some new cars which can only be purchased with bonds - these are Lewis Hamilton's Hummer, Exclusive Edition Exelero, and a Gold Plated Sweptail
  5. Rankups - You can now rank up using bonds, though this is not cheap


The leaderboards have now been tweaked, you can only see the top 25 players; and you can see these as overall players, economic characters, and violent users.

Prevent Moderator Kill

Some of you may noticed that OneEyedReaper had a solid attempt at killing me the other day. Fair play, we all knew the day would come. This has now been prevented, with some little easter eggs in there.

Next Features

Of course, there are more features coming, you can find out more about these on our GitHub!



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