Feature Updates - October 2018

Hi everyone

So i have been working away on new features for the game, a brief section of release notes below

  1. Bonds page has had some UI work done
  2. Bonds are now issued automatically, within a few minutes of the purchase
  3. Safehouse overview page so that you can see all the safehouses you own, in what locations, and various other pieces of information at a glance
  4. Reset Shoot Timer - this was missed out of the bond redemptions and has now been added in
  5. Player rating scores. Each player now has an overall score, an economic score, and a violence score
  6. Syndicate rating score. Similar to player rating scores, but with some additional factors
  7. Garage UI improvements, including filtering, ordering, and the highly requested "select all" button
  8. My Kills now shows all the kills you have ever made, not just for this character
  9. When your syndicate boss is dead, and your syndicate available for reclamation, there will now be an alert on every page
  10. Gatling Gun is now available for purchase via the Armoury
  11. Apache Helicopter is now available for purchase via the Security page
  12. Fixed a bug with double snitching not doubling the sentence for the target
  13. Fixed an edge case bug with travel duplication

Next features coming

  1. All timers available on all pages so you can see your status at a glance
  2. Arson (PVP)

Also working on the specification for the Disruption Edition

Additionally, I have now created a GitHub Project where you can see the work that's going on, and put your own features and suggestions.

I hope you enjoy the new updates JTK/Out


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