Heists Released!

Hi everyone

In probably the largest release we've done since go live, heists are now live.

This news post is deliberately delayed, as I wanted to allow some time for a "soft launch" as whilst the functionality has been thoroughly tested, you never quite know!

Heists are five player multiplayer activities yielding, as our first few heists found out, a massive amount of experience. Initially heists were on a 24 hour cool down, but I have now dropped this to a 20 hour cool down, as 24 hours is quite inconvenient (if it takes 2 hours to organise and carry one out, it becomes impractical to carry one out every day).

Heists require a leader, bagman, strongarm, driver, and munitions expert. Each person will earn bonuses for their crew based on their rank, and on the skill level that they have for the appropriate skill (leader's leadership, munitions expert's engineering, etc).

Heists generally pay somewhere in the region of $130m - and all the money goes to the leader. The user journey is similar to that of a partner crime. For the heist to be completed all 5 players must be in location, and have their equipment submitted.

The higher the ranks, skills, and value of the equipment used the higher the payouts in both cash and experience. All payouts go directly to the leader to distribute.

I hope you enjoy the new feature! You may have noticed the new game suggestions topic in the forum by Harleen, I will be collating the requests and working out the order in which new features will be implemented, in addition to the currently requested new features.



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