Friday, 27th September, 2019

New Design Launched - And Some Other Improvements

Hey everyone

Well I surely hope you can see a difference in Mafia Online, but to summarise...

  1. All new design for the game, which includes improvements on mobile and iPad
  2. New design also incorporated day/night mode switching
  3. Performance improvements
  4. Additional forum for development discussion

What this has really done is brought the design of the game inline with what it is, and away from the corporate look and feel we had previously. It has also enabled development in a bunch of other areas.

I hope you like it, and look forward to the new features coming, which (following this update) will start to become easier to trickle in

Feedback is always welcome :)



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18:02 on 27/09/2019

Thank you @whitewitch :)

17:42 on 27/09/2019

It’s awesome, great job JTK

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