Saturday, 28th September, 2019

Roadmap for Version 2019.05

Hey everybody

Following the successful launch of our new skin, and some rapid patches thanks to some really diligent and helpful players, here is the roadmap for 2019.05 (our next version)

In short, there are about 20 things being developed, about a dozen of those are new features, and the majority of the rest improvements to existing features.

This is largely based on feedback from players of the game, and the community aspect of development is now being managed by WhiteWitch, we'll be using our forum for discussion around the features, but for the most part. I will ask WhiteWitch to post new topics in the development forum for each item on the roadmap (excluding technical improvements), so that we can discuss the features and you all can have your say. This is a user provided link">Read the 2019.05 Roadmap Here



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