Friday, 6th March, 2020

To confirm, there are no more rounds

Hi everybody

To put up a quick post, firstly I want to apologise for the downtime we have had this evening. I have been on holiday so hadn't been able to resolve it as quickly as I would normally have liked. The game is back up and running now.

The reason for the downtime was to do with the round-based functionality. At this point, alongside the development blogs (another update coming soon) I wanted to confirm that there is not going to be any more round-based functionality. There may be the odd reset in the event that it is both needed and requested by the players and steering group.

To explain this a bit more, the reason for round based functionality was to help promote fairness in the game, and prevent runaway winners. However, what actually happened was it caused some frustration amongst players, and consequently hurt the game activity. With this in mind, we'll do resets when we think they are required, but otherwise I think we will just let the game run.



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