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Rank and Experience Rework - Demotion Possible

Following some testing on the registration process, and finding that (with all the new activities) ranking up about 4 times can take as little as ten minute, I think we need to rework the experience required for the ranks. Whilst I'm tweaking this you may find it difficult to rank or, or find your rank frequently changing as it is recalculated against your character.

Thanks Johno

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Design and Mobile Optimisations

We understand how important the look of the game, and surrounding site, are; so we've been working on it today - around the other features we've been developing. We've now been through all the pages and ensured that they are optimised for mobile.

The most notable changes will be noticed on the Drug Trafficking and Garage sections of the sites, though there are optimisations on all pages.

We hope this helps our mobile players enjoy their time at Mafia Online with greater ease.

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Messaging System

Our messaging system is now in place. Feel free to try this out and message another player of the game, this is an important step towards the other functionalities which are currently in development, which are multiplayer.

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Character profiles

Character profiles are now available for all players. Currently these show basic statistics about the character only, but they soon will be able to be customised by players, for examples see Johno's Profile

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Online users display

You can now see the online users display on the home page, this will help you to keep your eye on the active characters likely to knock you off the top spot. This will show all characters, in alphabetical order, who have been seen in the game in the last 15 minutes.

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