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New Industries - Prostitution, Loan Sharking, and Gambling

Hi everyone A quick update regarding the businesses which can be owned. I have now added 3 more industries (prostitution, loan sharking, and gambling). Additionally there has been a thread set up about the features and functionalities which I am expecting to be building over the coming weeks in preparation for our Beta round. So that's what I will be working through. Of course, feel free to suggest your own features and functionalities in there too! Johno

Better business management

Hi everyone

A quick development update to let you know that there has now been an improvement made to the business user interface so that the balance will now show you the profitability of your business, this is calculated as follows:

Total Revenue Generated

  • Total Build Costs
  • Total Security Installation Cost
  • Total Security Running Cost
  • Total Repair Cost

This will help you better understand the value of your businesses.


Forum Launched

So this is something I've been meaning to release for a little while, to encourage community and allow trade and such. The forum has now been launched. You can find the forum in the main navigation. This is a basic forum system, meaning there is a single forum containing the topics (as opposed to different forums).

Should we outgrow this structure, I will then implement a categorisation structure, but for now this feels like overkill.

New Feature: Drug Distribution Houses

Another feature update, drug distribution houses (and the surrounding business functionality) has now been completed, this excludes the PVP aspect of these locations.

Each premises has security and its own income and safe, businesses will generate revenue every hour and store it in that premises safe, when its full no further revenue will be generated. You will need to visit, in person, each of your premises to collect your earnings.

A full write up of this functionality will soon be included in the game guide.

Whilst the PVP aspect of this functionality has not yet been added, it will be soon. This will allow you to both rob, and disable, other player's businesses. You may have one business per location per sector (there will be 3 more sectors, or industries, released shortly).

You will receive a notification (on site) if your business fills its vault and can no longer continue generating revenue.

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