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23/02/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hi everyone

I wanted to put a news update in, to let you know what we have been up to recently. The latest surge of players and syndicates has proven to be very useful in tracking down strange and edge case bugs which we didn't find in Beta. My focus has always been on delivering functionality to you guys, rather than having a drawn out Beta and test phase, which (whilst useful) can really draw out the process of getting features to you all.

As you can see from the list below, I have been pretty busy! However, it's better to have a game live which is working well, than to build new features onto an unstable platform; so please do forgive the delay in new features!

See the full list of things we've done recently (since new murder) below!


New Features

Name change; characters can now request to change their name up to once a fortnight

Syndicate vulnerability; previously all officers had to be dead for a syndicate to be attacked. Now there must be only a single officer spot (boss, underboss, syndicate) which is either not taken, or in which the officer is dead; to leave the syndicate vulnerable to attack.

You can now have up to 5 active bank accounts.

New bank account types. You can now have an ISA or a High Value Isa, these have longer durations, better interest rates, and higher deposit rates.

Automatically remove syndicate officers (boss, underboss and consigliere) if they are dead or banned or no longer in the syndicate.


Fixed an issue which meant businesses could never be found on the business attack functionality.

Previously there was a bug with the ban page which meant users who had been banned would see a "Something went wrong" page, rather than a page telling them they had been banned. This has now been rectified.

Fixed issue which prevented syndicates from being auto-destroyed.

Fixed issue which prevented overdue safehouses from being destroyed when upkeep was not paid.

Fixed issue with Assassination missions for users who have never had a weapon before.

Fixed issue when a character is killed, and that character is not in a syndicate.

Fixed issue on the murder advice page for when player does not have any guns on hand.

Fixed bug on the Heist Leader page which occurred when trying to submit intelligence, without setting intelligence.

Fixed bug when trying to join a syndicate with no boss.

Fixed bug with diplomacy involving syndicates with no boss.

17/02/2019 by JohnoTheKid

You are now immortal! Well, not exactly.

If you get killed now you will lose a number of things, a percentage of your cash, you will be hospitalised for a few hours, you will lose your properties and your businesses. But you will retain everything else on your account. This means that getting murdered no longer requires the registration of a new account, or working through all the ranks again.

You will soon be able to hire members of your Entourage, to help mitigate the damage caused to your character.

If you experience any issues with murder, please contact me directly.

17/02/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hi everyone

An update on the Moderators War 2019 (lol!). We've put some more functionality in the back of our systems to allow the easier management and banning of duplicate accounts. These are against the rules and have always been, we've also put some messages throughout the registration process reminding people of this.

One other thing we've done is we have now added some rules around what you can (and more importantly cannot) have in your character's name. We hadn't done this before as the system hadn't been abused, as we've gotten bigger this is something we have implemented.

Unfortunately this has now delayed some of the other functionality I had been planning on building over the weekend, I'll keep you posted when this stuff can go live now


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