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24/12/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the world,

Nobody was playing, in bed they were curled

They hid in their safehouses, quietly growing empires

Safe and soundly they snored, hiding from the sound as the gatling gun fired

We'll be back next year, with lustre and cheer

But for now no more coding or building, or bugs or commits, no more bounties or snitches, or late night hits,

For the last time this year I'll turn out the light

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

23/12/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hi everybody

Quick few bug fixes and improvements to let you know about. There was an issue around Carjack and Rank Achievement notifications, which I have now rectified.

Additionally, there was a bug with the newest update to the way our feed works which meant that carjacks were saying that X cars were stolen, worth £0 value, so that has been resolved.


21/12/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hey everybody

So I thought I would put a development update in so you can all see what I have been up to. There have been a few big changes, mostly making way for our new features which are coming.

I will put a really in-depth development blog up in the development forum, but for now; I hope you can see the new theme! Emoji This has been really well received by everybody, and I'm super happy about that. I have also done a bunch of performance upgrades just to make things run a whole load faster. A few people have commented on this, as well.

Today I have then launched a new update, which allows certain features to be updated in real time. Such as direct messages, the chat channel, notifications and your character.

I will soon be posting a feature highlight about what we're doing next, but I need to iron out some details with my lovely moderation team.



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