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15/11/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hi everybody

As you know we are in a quest to maintain balance and prevent overpowering in the game. Several times since the game has gone live there have been times when players have held a large amount of the "map" (that is, the properties which can be owned in locations by players).

We've been scratching our heads for maybe a year about if there's a way to discourage this kind of imbalance. Previously the only way to address it has been wipes and players shooting to pick up those properties, but that doesn't work if the overpower is too strong.

To that end, I have devised a cunning scheme to discourage over-ownership. This scheme is property tax and will serve to provide financial penalties to players holding large amounts of properties. Full details will be released soon, but I wanted to give you some heads up about it.

Additionally, the car showroom will soon be ownable by players too.


09/11/2019 by OneEyedKing

Okay so this past week has been eventful and I've been asked to describe what has transpired over the week

First of all there has been more of an increase in players, the Apex predators mostly, which is great for the game being we rely on player interaction. Player involvement and interaction is what makes the game fun.

Second I've noticed a lot of violence going on, especially on the syndicate scene, with a few players trying to take over syndicate spots and trying to kill players in general.

In the past week we lost two players to killings, Frxn_k and HiHowAreYa, Frxn_k loosing Tokyo to mostly autismcow and HiHowAreYa loosing New York mostly to PLAGUE.

So to summarize this, I'd say that it appears that some people are on a quest to get property or something along those lines. As I stated earlier, it's good to have new players and activity and I hope it stays this way but I want to remind people that it's a game and you should have fun so don't be toxic to other members.

And as a community moderator I'd like to officially welcome all the new players to the game and I hope that you like the game and will continue to play and advance in the game.


01/11/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hey everybody

So a few patches went out today, of course building and maintaining anything of this size is something of an ongoing process. Thank you to the players who have reported bugs, which have now been resolved (there are some more coming)

  1. Car showroom is no longer broken. This was a testing oversight for which I apologise. (Thank you to the reporter, but I can't remember who you were!)
  2. Bounties were failing to be submitted. This was a typo around the new notifications functionality, and has been resolved (thanks @plague for reporting)
  3. Bank accounts could not be closed. This has been resolved. (Thanks again to @plague for reporting)
  4. Messaging icons were never highlighting to display new messages. This has now been resolved

Thanks everybody. Of course, there is more work coming Emoji


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