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Service Disruption Tonight

Hey everyone

A quick heads up that there will be some slight service disruption tonight whilst I put our daily rewards system live. I anticipate this downtime being around 7pm UK Time, and should last no longer than about 5 minutes.

After this time you will be able to receive daily rewards for playing!


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Apologies for the interruptions, and the first ever self-defence murder

Hi everyone

First Ever Suicide-Murder

Earlier today saw our first suicide-murder. As some of you may have seen a bounty of $1.5bn had been placed on the head of Agent (The Firm). In unrelated news, BananaPeel (The Firm) made the decision to attempt to assassinate Agent.

Whilst she was successful in doing this, the power of the defensive strategy which Agent had deployed overwhelmed her, and sadly both players died in the ensuing gunfight.

Properties Available

In light of the murder of Agent a number of properties became available. I (JohnoTheKid) picked some up for slow release to the economy, whilst a number of other properties have been picked up by other players.

Downtime & Disruptions

I just wanted to put a quick news post up to talk about the intermittent downtime and performance issues that the game has faced this afternoon into this evening. These are nothing to worry about and are resolved now.

Firstly, we deployed a new version of some of the code to allow us to introduce new features more quickly, this caused some compatibility issues alongside our cache.

Additionally, we deployed some performance saving measures (caching, amongst other things) but an unfortunate downside of this was an exploit around the timers; meaning that it became possible to carry out actions far more often than was intended.

Of course, as the game grows, we will continue to develop and deploy more features, and further enhance the performance of the game to ensure it can cope with the load. Sometimes, disruptions will be inevitable but we will do our best to ensure this doesn't happen.


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Lucchese Edition - Part 1

Hello everybody!

So this is the first part of the Lucchese Edition that you see before you.

Visibly not a great deal has changed, because this version has paved the way for a bunch of other features and such.Most notably the features you'll see are the game features, obituaries, and some more integration with the community features, and our new footer. New actions and PVP functionalities will be available soon, but I thought I should get something out to you all soon, especially as there have been some more killings recently; and UI issues around the footer had been reported to us.

There is a considerable overhaul in the codebase of the game in this version this cleanup allows us to get new features developed and release much more quickly - so you will see some new stuff coming very soon.

New Features

Game Feed - Now updates that are shared into our Slack channel are also added to our game feed

Obituaries - You can now see the latest deaths on the obituaries page

Improved Feed Notifications - There are now some better notifications to the feed/Slack regarding what is going on in the game, including new marketplace trades

Bounties - You can now place a bounty on someone's head. If someone kills that player they will receive the bounty. Should someone wish to buy that bounty out, then it will cost 3x the original bounty price.

Syndicate Notifications - Syndicate Officers can now send notifications to their members

Bullet Factory Self Produce - If you own a bullet factory you can now produce bullets directly for yourself


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An update on the roadmap

Hi all

It's been a week since Bloody Thursday, and there have been one or two murders since, but it would seem the violence has subsided. Unfortunately due to ill health I have had to delay the next release, but it will be coming soon.

The next release of the game will be the Lucchese Edition - all future releases are named after famous criminals, mafia families, and the like, to keep things more interesting than version numbers.

New features to look forward to include some improvements to bullet factories, a couple of new activities and skills and some UI updates. We are also working on achievements and other such features but I can't confirm at this time if they will be in the Lucchese Edition or the next release - the Gambino Edition.

As always - thank you for playing the game and supporting us by voting on the links and purchasing bonds, and welcome to our newest players (of which there are a lot!) don't forget to utilise our Slack channel (though we may soon be moving to Discord) and forums to get involved with other players.


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Bloody Thursday, the Recap

Hello everyone

So, silently in the night I enabled the murder functionality. I was fairly sure this would lead to some kind of carnage, but with there being no announcement of this functionality being enabled, it was unknown who would fire first, or when.I think it's fair to say that the events of today will be wide felt...

Today's Obituaries...

Cheater26 - Boss - Black Lotus

LokiPowers - Boss - The Firm

Rypoo - Boss - The Fraternity

National - Consigliere - No Syndicate

ViktorAlmeida - Boss - Black Lotus

Following the murder of the Officers of Black Lotus, the Syndicate was destroyed by unknown assailants, making history as the first Syndicate to be wiped by murder and destruction in Mafia Online history

Thursday 13 September, 2018 - a day which will infamously be known as Bloody Thursday

JTK out


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