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Community Moderators Wanted

Hey everyone

Anybody who has spoken to me will know that I am passionate about the game, especially its community, and ensuring that new players have all the support they need.

It’s no secret that I have a day job, obviously I have a day job, so my time in the evenings is spent developing new features, fixing any bugs which are found and stuff like that. I love helping you guys out, answering your questions, and although it isn’t my favourite job moderating our chat channels and forums is crucially important.

We’re getting busier, and I need some help to make sure the community side of things is done properly, whilst allowing the game to continue to grow. With this in mind I am looking for 2x Community Moderators.


The role of a community moderator is everything to do with human interaction with the game. From ensuring a vibrant community exists, to helping new players understand the mechanics of the game, and moderating our community channels.

The successful moderators will be

  1. Friendly and helpful
  2. Active members of the community
  3. Active players of the game, with a solid understanding of its features
  4. Responsible and understand that power brings with it responsibility
  5. Have a solid grasp of the English language

The successful moderators will be responsible for

  1. Publishing community based news through the site, and perhaps other outlets
  2. Generating community based content for our newsletter
  3. Moderating comments on the game news functionality
  4. Quoting the word Popadom in their application
  5. Moderating community content within the forum
  6. Moderating our chat channels
  7. Taking moderation action, where appropriate, such as enforcing community bans on the game, and our chat channel

In return the moderators will receive

  1. Nothing of any value
  2. Probably the odd bit of abuse from people wishing to disrupt our community
  3. Most likely a lot of critique on their decisions
  4. Hopefully some sense of pride from helping our community thrive and providing a welcoming environment for new players of a game they had better love


If you’ve read this and still interested, because you’re even less mentally stable than I, then please apply via in game message to myself. Please use the template that you will find in the forum.

I will be accepting applications probably until Wednesday, and I’ll make a decision this week.

Thanks y’all, and good luck!


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Shooting and Intimidation Skills

Good evening y'all

A very minor update, but one which will prove to be very important later on in the game. Bodyguard missions will now increase your intimidation skill, whilst assassination will increase your shooting skill.

These skills rank very similarly to drug production, but just to confirm these skills and their ranks before I get the game guide updated:

Drug Production

  1. Novice
  2. Amateur
  3. Professional
  4. Expert
  5. The Real Escobar


  1. Novice
  2. Shooter
  3. Sniper
  4. Headshot
  5. Deadshot (because aint nobody a better shot than Deadshot!)


  1. Novice
  2. Supermarket Security
  3. Doorman
  4. Bodyguard
  5. Strong Arm

I promise the reasons for these skills will become clear in future versions very soon



Daily Rewards!

Good evening everyone

We now have daily rewards implemented! This means you get a reward for every day that you log in, getting increasingly better for every consecutive day.

I won't ruin the surprises about what the rewards are, but they are a little "thank you" for consistently playing, and to reward consistent activity within the game.

There have been a couple of little bug fixes put in place as well, and some minor UI tweaks based on feedback we've had from users.

More features coming soon, of course!


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Service Disruption Tonight

Hey everyone

A quick heads up that there will be some slight service disruption tonight whilst I put our daily rewards system live. I anticipate this downtime being around 7pm UK Time, and should last no longer than about 5 minutes.

After this time you will be able to receive daily rewards for playing!


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Apologies for the interruptions, and the first ever self-defence murder

Hi everyone

First Ever Suicide-Murder

Earlier today saw our first suicide-murder. As some of you may have seen a bounty of $1.5bn had been placed on the head of Agent (The Firm). In unrelated news, BananaPeel (The Firm) made the decision to attempt to assassinate Agent.

Whilst she was successful in doing this, the power of the defensive strategy which Agent had deployed overwhelmed her, and sadly both players died in the ensuing gunfight.

Properties Available

In light of the murder of Agent a number of properties became available. I (JohnoTheKid) picked some up for slow release to the economy, whilst a number of other properties have been picked up by other players.

Downtime & Disruptions

I just wanted to put a quick news post up to talk about the intermittent downtime and performance issues that the game has faced this afternoon into this evening. These are nothing to worry about and are resolved now.

Firstly, we deployed a new version of some of the code to allow us to introduce new features more quickly, this caused some compatibility issues alongside our cache.

Additionally, we deployed some performance saving measures (caching, amongst other things) but an unfortunate downside of this was an exploit around the timers; meaning that it became possible to carry out actions far more often than was intended.

Of course, as the game grows, we will continue to develop and deploy more features, and further enhance the performance of the game to ensure it can cope with the load. Sometimes, disruptions will be inevitable but we will do our best to ensure this doesn't happen.


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