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September Updates Part Two

Hi guys

So another update on the game, this time with more community and commerce related features, to bring the game into cohesion and deal with some issues that some users were experiencing, and also to lay foundations on future functionalities.

Drugs Lab

There is a new activity which can be completed, which also sees the first of skills levelling (below). Your Drugs lab allows you to produce drugs, which can be sold using drug trafficking. There is a risk involved, but also a large payout if successful. Experience is earned from producing drugs.

You can produce drugs once every 20 minutes.

Drug production has skill points associated to it, as these increase you will find your drug production rank increasing, this means that you can use larger scale operations in order to produce more drugs at any one time.

Skill Levelling

Drugs production has paved the way for more features and functionalities which rely upon skills points, as suggested by multiple players of the game. These levels can be ranked, and can also be used to support achievements functionality which is coming later on.


The news system, as you can see, has now been brought into the game, as with the forum you can comment on news articles.

Game Stats

This is something that a few people had mentioned, underneath Game Info you will now find a game statistics link, which will show you some stats about the game, businesses, the economy, etc.


This has also been brought back into the game, so that you do not need to sign up for a forum account; your game account and character will suffice.


We now have a classifieds section under trade, which will allow you to advertise your buying/selling posts, as I know that at times this had become a bit much in the Slack channel

Syndicate Forum

Syndicate forums are now within the game, so that members of the Syndicate, who are not in Slack and not signed up to the forum, can still benefit from the community

Game Guide

I am populating this as we speak, but as you can imagine porting this content over, into a structured format, from the forum is something of a time consuming job, I will get this done as soon as possible.

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Feature Releases - September 2018

Hi everyone

So I have done some feature releases yesterday which most of you will have noticed already, but here is an outline of the features which were released.


Although murder is not yet activated, the algorithm used to calculate how many bullets are required has been modified, there are now 11 factors which will decide if you have attacked your target hard enough to kill them. These factors are:

  1. Target Rank
  2. Target Health
  3. Is Target Safehoused
  4. Armour Points
  5. Is Same Syndicate
  6. Has Target Syndicate Location Bonus
  7. Has Shooter Syndicate Location Bonus
  8. Gun Value
  9. Does Target Fight Back - If your target fights back, murder will be harder
  10. Is Target Online
  11. Initiative - Are you firing first, or in retaliation


You can now set automatic retaliation (aka fireback), this means you can equipment a weapon on hand and set your fireback strategy, this means when someone tries to kill you, legitimately you can hurt or even kill them automatically in retaliation - as some of our surprised Beta testers found out. The fireback strategies are as follows:

Match Fire - Return the same amount of bullets which are fired at you

Double Fire - Return twice as many bullets are are fired at you

Unload - Fire everything you have back at your opponent

Half (or conservative) fire - Fire half as much back as was fired at you

Custom - Fire a specific amount of bullets back at your assailant

You can also set the minimum amount of incoming fire you wish to receive before you retaliate, this is to allow you to try and prevent your retaliation fire being drawn out unless you want to.

If you do not have enough bullets to return fire using your strategy, you'll fire as many as you can. For example if you have 9k bullets on hand, someone fires 5k bullets at you, and your strategy is double fire, you will return 9k bullets in retaliation.

Skills - Strength and Speed

We now have skills, so you can guarantee there are going to be more in the pipeline and in future feature releases. For now we have strength and speed, which deteriorate overtime.

Strength makes you more likely to be successful in crimes, fighting, bodyguarding and other solo player activities.

Speed decreases your likelihood of being busted in solo play activities.

Speed and Strength can both reach 150 skill points, and reach their maximum level of benefit at 100 points.

Activity - Workout

You can workout every 10 minutes and gain 20 points in your chosen skill, speed on the treadmill or strength on the weights. There is a pricetag of $5k attached to each workout session.

New Properties: Gyms

As there is a new place to spend your money, it is only right that this money is held by players in the game. I think most gyms have been picked up now, but visit your workout in your chosen location to visit the gym and potentially pick it up.

Multiplayer: Carjack

There is a new multiplayer activity - Carjacking. A carjack job involves you and a partner bulk-stealing valuable cars together.

As with partner crimes there are bonuses for location and syndicate membership. These can be completed every 6 hours and can yield up to 12 high end cars, and a hell of a lot of experience.

Business Economy Tweaks

It had been mentioned to me that businesses weren't making a proportionate amount of money in the game's economy. So I have changed this, so that the amount of money is now in line with our economy.

I suspect that now businesses are profitable enough they will be more utilised, additionally I believe this will raise the interest in business-based-PVP in the game, too.

New Business Industry: Chop Shop

I have also added a new business industry for players to utilise to make money, this is the chop shop. A chop shop is a place where stolen vehicles are brought, in order for valuable parts to be stripped, or for the vehicles to have their identities changed ready to be resold.

That's all for now, folks!

That is all for now, there have been large movements in terms of core progress in game functionality, such as the skills functionality. Of course, I will continue releasing new features as time goes on. I hope you enjoy these latest ones :)

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Outcomes from the Survey and the Road Map

Hi everyone

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our survey and earned themselves some bonds in the process. Your contributions have been invaluable to giving some insight into how players are feeling about the game, its features, and the massive team of 1 currently administrating and moderating.

In all seriousness though, another shout out to our beta testers and additional developers who have contributed their time to helping make the game great; and to everyone who has purchased bonds, these directly support the game - so thank you!

Now, for some results

How would you rate the game features? (5 star rating)

You rated: 4.5 stars

I think it's important to always be adding new features to the game, and improving those which already exist. There is a roadmap below in how we're going to try and hit 5 stars on this one.

How well do you think I/we respond to new feature requests and bug reports?

You rated: 4.5 stars

Nobody wants to feel like they are playing a dead game, for which the creators have no more love or time. Of course, I am striving for 5 stars on this; by doing everything I can to tackle bug reports and exploits which are discovered, and develop new features - which are outlined below.

How well you think the game and community is moderated?

You rated: 4.5 stars

Game moderation, and the quality thereof, is really important in any online multiplayer game. I'm striving to hit 5 stars and will be finding out more about how we can achieve this. This one is very subjective, so it might take some more thinking, but I'll let you know where I get to.

How would you rate the current game economy/balance?

You rated: 4 stars

Anybody who has spent any real time on mafia games will know this is notoriously difficult to achieve. I have some ideas, but I need to work out how to achieve some more balance. This is something that starts to become easier with more players. I have a couple of features which I think will help this which are in the roadmap below.

How do you rate the Bonds system (including the things you can use bonds for)

You rated: 4 stars

As I've mentioned above, Bonds (paid currency) are crucial to the game's development, as it pays for hosting environments (servers) as well as advertising which brings more players to the game. My plan on this one is to do some more research with the players of the game to find out how we could improve this, and what would make bonds better, and more valuable.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely would you be to recommend the game to your friends?

You rated: 4.5/5

This is great for me to hear, personally. I have spoken to some users about this and what I have been informed is that they gave a bad score on this because they would not normally play these kinds of games, and neither do their friends. So whilst they would recommend it generally, they would not recommend it to their friends because their friends simply wouldn't be interested. I absolutely understand this, and I think a 4.5 star rating is rather good for this.

How to we improve the game? You have said; we shall do

We then asked, with multiple choice, what do you think would improve the game. Here are the responses, and what we're going to do about them.

Murder Activation Excitement - 81%

Whilst this was not in the improvement listing, we had another question asking "How do you feel about the activation of the murder functionality?" and 81% of respondents stated that they were either "Slightly concerned, and a bit excited" (50%) or "I can't wait - let the bullets fly!" (31%).

With this in mind, and the crucial nature of murder, particularly in end game. The first feature I'm going to be completing with the feedback from Beta testers and focus groups, is to finish murder so that it can go live at the appropriate time.

There will be a whole post about this at some point, because it is a huge topic.

More Multiplayer Activities (75%)

With this one there are a number of features in the pipeline. By their nature multiplayer activities are complex to develop, so this feature list seems the shortest, but is actually the most resource-intensive to develop.

  1. Team crimes - 3 players
  2. Heists - 4 players
  3. Organised Crimes - 6 players

These will be similar in nature to Partner Crimes, but the payouts will be far better, in both cash and experience, and potentially anything else that you could be rewarded. These will likely be released individually, due to the size and the testing requirement.

Better Syndicate Features (56%)

Most of the functionality and benefits of Syndicates won't necessarily be evident until kill/murder is activated, however some of the features I am planning on developing include:

  1. Whole location bonuses - so if a Syndicate owns every property within their location additional bonuses are applied to the members
  2. Syndicate scoring - this will affect the syndicate's level of strength and bonuses that members and allies receive when on their home turf
  3. Attrition damage, for being in a hostile syndicate's location
  4. Other features which make more sense in the PVP section, but which are inherently tied to Syndicates

More Commerce and Trade Features (56%)

This one is entirely fair, and some of these features were flagged in Beta testing. The decision that I came to was that if I continued adding new features until the game was "ready", it never would be. "If you're not embarrassed by your first release, you launched too late"

So here are the commerce and trade feature which are in the pipeline:

  1. Property Auctions
  2. Secure Car Trading
  3. Property Logs (so that you can see what was purchased from your property, how much you paid to your syndicate, etc)
  4. New Car Dealership (allowing you to purchase any car in the game)
  5. Used Car Dealership Allowing you to purchase a stocked vehicles, with damage which you may or may not know
  6. Improvements to businesses and automated income, and making these economically logical

More Players (56%)

This is a hard one, as without an unlimited budget, it's difficult to promise or deliver this one. I am devising strategies to help with this, one of the major things which makes this possible is people purchasing bonds, as most of the money from these purchases goes into advertising on social channels.

The other way of handling this is to invite your friends, and share the link on your social profiles.

  1. One feature which I am going to develop, but need to iron out the details of, are referrer links, so that if someone becomes an active player, the person who referred them is rewarded

More Player vs Player Activities (50%)

The fun of these games isn't just around building your own empire and such, it's also about attacking other players; so here are some of the features which I am looking to develop.

  1. Discover Businesses
  2. Private Investigation (to discover protection levels)
  3. Hunt (to find safe houses)
  4. Hospitalisation
  5. Kidnap (with the opportunity to either pay a ransom, or be found by your friends)

All of these things will be affected by your Syndicate status vs location (hostile, neutral, friendly, or home territory).

More Solo Play Activities (44%)

These might appear faster than you'd expect given the ranking of this particular category, however by their nature solo play activities are the easiest to build, test, and release. So here is a taste of some of what I'm looking to develop:

  1. Enforcement (similar to bodyguarding or assassination)
  2. Fraud (set up a crime, get the outcome later)
  3. Burglary (similar to GTA, with varying profits)
  4. Bullet Production (build a workshop, and produce your own bullets)
  5. Drug Production (set up and farm your own drugs, which can be sold using Drug Trafficking)
  6. As mentioned above, business improvements

Better Community Features (31%)

Community is of massive importance on a game like this. So here are the things I am hoping to implement over the next [insert period of time I can hope to commit to, lol]

  1. Bring the forum into the game itself, it used to be there but didn't feel very good. However it does mean that there is no need to register on the forum
  2. Statistics (about the game, and about your character)
  3. Achievements and Titles (based on your activities and successes in game)
  4. Chat and live feed embedded into the site itself (most likely using Discord which will integrate very nicely)

In Summary

So there it is guys and girls, thank you so much for supporting the game buy playing, inviting your friends, buying bonds, filling in our survey, and generally being awesome.

I will do everything in my power to return the love you guys have shown the game, by way of making sure it continues to crow in both size and popularity, and in features and enjoyability.

Thanks again y'all, JTK Out

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Feature Release Update - Version 1.4

Hi guys

Some bug fixes and feature releases as suggested by the players; namely these ones:

Added green light or red clock to show activity status (timer):

Added friends and enemy listings, as well as colour coding on character lists for friends, enemies, and syndicate members

Potential garage value information:

Allow message when withdrawing from syndicate:

Resolved syndicate manage typo/bug:

Fixed syndicate renaming bug:

And that is it for version 1.4 - you will also notice there are now ads on the game. Please don't enable ad blockers, as we are upgrading servers due to the popularity of the game, and all these things cost money :)

Thanks JTK

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Property Drops

Hi all

I have a had a few messages about this so I just wanted to put a quick thread about it.

  1. The properties will all be dropped in due course
  2. If you are in our slack workspace then you will see an automated notification whenever a property is dropped
  3. Money Transfer Agencies and Bullet Factories will be the last properties to be dropped to prevent huge imbalance in our economy
  4. To pick up a property you simply visit the property in that location

You can see which properties are owned/available on this page

Thanks, JTK

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