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This is a very quick article, because one of the next focuses for development is around social features. Comments can now be posted on articles, this will allow feedback for new features and structured responses, before the forum itself is ready.

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New Feature: Drug Distribution Houses

Another feature update, drug distribution houses (and the surrounding business functionality) has now been completed, this excludes the PVP aspect of these locations.

Each premises has security and its own income and safe, businesses will generate revenue every hour and store it in that premises safe, when its full no further revenue will be generated. You will need to visit, in person, each of your premises to collect your earnings.

A full write up of this functionality will soon be included in the game guide.

Whilst the PVP aspect of this functionality has not yet been added, it will be soon. This will allow you to both rob, and disable, other player's businesses. You may have one business per location per sector (there will be 3 more sectors, or industries, released shortly).

You will receive a notification (on site) if your business fills its vault and can no longer continue generating revenue.

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New Feature: Bank Accounts

The work we have been doing on the bank accounting system has now been complete, this means that you can deposit your money into bank accounts and earn interest on the funds.

The next functionality to be started upon is fund transfer which will allow money to be moved between characters (for a fee)

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Armoury is ready

Sincerest apologies for the delay since the last feature release. However, I am happy to announce that underneath the "Your HQ" menu item you will now find the Armoury. This allows you to purchase weapons which can be used in a variety of jobs, as well as to attack (and kill) your fellow players.

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Rank and Experience Rework - Demotion Possible

Following some testing on the registration process, and finding that (with all the new activities) ranking up about 4 times can take as little as ten minute, I think we need to rework the experience required for the ranks. Whilst I'm tweaking this you may find it difficult to rank or, or find your rank frequently changing as it is recalculated against your character.

Thanks Johno

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