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18/08/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hi everyone

After many discussions on Discord around the game and the development priorities I am pleased to announce our premium membership program is now up and running!

Perks of premium membership include:

  • 25 Bonds issued weekly
  • +20% experience for criminal activities
  • -25% on timers
  • -10% hospital recovery time
  • -10% jail sentences
  • -10% travel time
  • +10% business income
  • Access to premium-only chat channel on Discord
  • Access to premium-only forum
  • Regular round table chats to help influence game development and features

With prices no more than £3 per month, it's a very cost effective way to enjoy the game, get great bang for buck, and support us in keeping the game alive for hosting and advertisement! This is a user provided link">Check out the premium membership options here


13/08/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hey everyone

So I wanted to put a quick news post up to let you know what I have been working on recently.


  • When a player with many properties (more than 3) is murdered, the amount of messages to Discord is limited. A single Discord notification will be sent, this will prevent issues as we have seen today, whereby Discord rate limits our bot in the channels and some kills did not complete

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the issue with obituaries not showing correctly
  • Garage repair bills now display as expected
  • Leaderboard columns have been swapped around as they were displaying incorrectly

Future Plans

Thank you to everyone to participated in the discussions around these features in our Discord channel

  • I am working on car auctions, to allow autonomous trading of vehicles
  • Drug dealing - a new solo activity, where the drugs you are holding can be solo
  • Reskin - this is primarily for usability purposes, including adding a day and night mode switcher
  • Federal Government - this will randomly target one of the wealthiest players in the game, where Interpol will launch investigations to disrupt the economy

And finally, about bonds and premium membership

This is something which has also come up in our community conversations recently. I want to confirm a couple of things; firstly, bonds are not necessarily being phased out as such. However, they are no longer available for purchase. There is a chance that bonds will be issued to premium members, which brings me onto my next point;

I will soon be making an announcement around premium membership of the game, including early bird discounts. The announcement will cover the pricing and perks, as well as the ability to sign up for the early bird discounts.

With that, I'm done for the night


10/08/2019 by JohnoTheKid

Hi everyone,

We have a new feature now live - the This is a user provided link">car showroom.

What this does is allow you to buy, for an exorbitant price, any vehicle in the game that you might need; the idea behind this feature is to encourage high value partner crimes, carjacks, and heists - as well as the various other tasks which require cars to be used.

Next features planned include;

  • Car Auctions - so you can list your cars for automatic sale (for a price) to other players
  • Federal Government - who will automatically target the wealthiest players in the game every few days, in an attempt to disrupt criminal activity (and rebalance the economy)
  • Drug Dealing - so that you can sell drugs on the streets, drugs which you have purchased at wholesale, or produced yourself, though there is a high risk associated with this
  • Profile Posts and Status Updates - Allow status posts on your profile, and other people to post on your wall
  • Forum Revamp - So we can have multiple forums, with threads inside them

So, for now


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