Top Players

Top Players Violence Wealth

Pos. Character Rank
1 OneEyedKing Legend
2 Hadouken Global Threat
3 Jebus-crust Global Threat
4 WhiteWitch Global Risk
5 TOMMO Global Risk
6 urboicheeto Global Risk
7 Jesus-crust Don of Dons
8 WillFunkee Don of Dons
9 yuhhh Don of Dons
10 6ix9ine Enemy of The State
11 beau_ Enemy of The State
12 Filip Don
13 wowzaitsme Don
14 surfdude Don
15 Zejoao Don
16 DarthVader Don
17 HiHowAreYa Boss
18 Zelia Boss
19 KBK-Phantom Boss
20 Yroth Boss
21 akaCreme Boss
22 KyloRen Boss
23 phoenix Boss
24 Jckear Underboss
25 hessje Underboss

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About Mafia Online

Mafia Online is a text based mafia game based around the world. We are a mafia game which allows you to play co-operatively and competitively with players from all over the world. Mafia Online is a free to play (f2p) browser game, which does not require any software on your computer to play

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