Syndicates are collaborations of players, teamed up to work together in order to conquer the game collectively. There are many perks of syndicate membership, such as preferential treatment in your home city. But beware the consequences, especially in hostile territory.

Properties in their respective locations automatically pay protection directly into the local Syndicate's vault in exchange for unfettered operation.

Active Syndicates

Name Location Boss Recruiting Protection Score Violence Economic
Satan's Soldiers London Morningstar No 25% 106,072 10 133,938
Imperial Federation Berlin Galactica Yes 25% 34,246 0 1,977
The Apex Predators Amsterdam Crypto Yes 5% 36,433 4 2,892
Huskicani Paris Aleja No 5% 5,916 0 1,015
Agency Brussels Agent0 No 25% 34,551 154 12,551

Syndicate Diplomacy

Syndicates can declare war and alliances with one another. Here you can see each syndicates allies and enemies.

Syndicate Allies Enemies
Satan's Soldiers Agency
Imperial Federation The Apex Predators
The Apex Predators Imperial Federation
Agency Satan's Soldiers
Imperial Federation

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