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It takes a lot of effort to get to the point of product launch with any piece of software, games are notoriously difficult because of the sandbox nature in which users can play.

There is no way on this earth it would've been possible to get to where we are now, ready to do our launch, with more features in the pipeline; without a small army of Alpha and Beta round players who have been testing and supporting the development of the game.

So this is a thank you to those people (when they're all signed up on the forum I'll tag them if they wish)

And a further thanks to our launch partner Novogamer (https://novogamer.com) for supporting the launch of the game into Round #1!

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About Mafia Online

Mafia Online is a text based mafia game based around the world. We are a mafia game which allows you to play co-operatively and competitively with players from all over the world. Mafia Online is a free to play (f2p) browser game, which does not require any software on your computer to play

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