Leaderboards - Top Mafia Online Players

The highest ranked players in the game, based on rank, economic worth, and violence

Pos. Character Rank
1 OneEyedKing Legend
2 Hadouken Legend
3 WhiteWitch Godfather
4 Agent0 Global Dominator
5 Jebus-crust Global Threat
6 TOMMO Global Risk
7 urboicheeto Global Risk
8 Jesus-crust Don of Dons
9 WillFunkee Don of Dons
10 yuhhh Don of Dons
11 6ix9ine Enemy of The State
12 Zelia Enemy of The State
13 beau_ Enemy of The State
14 Filip Don
15 wowzaitsme Don
16 EvilKnowsMe Don
17 surfdude Don
18 Zejoao Don
19 DarthVader Don
20 hessje Boss
21 HiHowAreYa Boss
22 KBK-Phantom Boss
23 Yroth Boss
24 akaCreme Boss
25 KyloRen Boss

A player's economy rating is based on cash, assets, bullets, bank accounts, safehouses, cars, and businesses

Pos. Character Rank
1 OneEyedKing Legend
2 Agent0 Global Dominator
3 John-Doe Underboss
4 Zelia Enemy of The State
5 Hadouken Legend
6 beau_ Enemy of The State
7 WhiteWitch Godfather
8 WillFunkee Don of Dons
9 OnEyEdKiNg Initiate
10 hessje Boss
11 Willy Hitman
12 ItsYaBoi2 Underboss
13 urboicheeto Global Risk
14 KBK-Phantom Boss
15 Frxn_k Boss
16 TheKnightFox Underboss
17 Filip Don
18 Jebus-crust Global Threat
19 Iwillnotdie Underboss
20 wowzaitsme Don
21 Housparty_Aman Consigliere
22 Yroth Boss
23 Patros Consigliere
24 HiHowAreYa Boss
25 6ix9ine Enemy of The State

Violence ratings are based on the number and rank of the players you have successfully killed

Pos. Character Rank
1 Hadouken Legend
2 WhiteWitch Godfather
3 DarthVader Don
4 KyloRen Boss
5 OneEyedKing Legend
6 TOMMO Global Risk
7 poopy Newborn
8 ElvisPresley Consigliere
9 yuhhh Don of Dons
10 Lelouch Gangster
11 WillFunkee Don of Dons
12 geckonut Consigliere
13 Frxn_k Boss
14 Jebus-crust Global Threat
15 Jckear Underboss
16 Truekilla Consigliere
17 ItsYaBoi2 Underboss
18 John-Doe Underboss
19 Yroth Boss
20 Flexed Capo
21 GetRektm8 Soldier
22 Beununes Newborn
23 CoaPlayZ Newborn
24 Bosko Young Blood
25 Star445566 Criminal

The last 25 players who have come to a bloody end

Character Rank Time of Death
Ryan-Hughs Gangster 1 week ago
MethWhale Capo 1 week ago
sunbye Youth 1 week ago
DiamondJoe Underboss 1 week ago
Rogue13652 Consigliere 1 week ago
Frxn_k Boss 1 week ago
OneEyedKing Legend 1 week ago
DonatoV3 Associate 3 months ago
beau_ Enemy of The State 5 months ago
JimHalpert Associate 6 months ago
Jebus-crust Global Threat 6 months ago
Makaveli Capo 6 months ago
Jebus-crust Global Threat 6 months ago
Jesus-crust Don of Dons 6 months ago
Malachai Capo 6 months ago
RubyBayley Shooter 6 months ago
Deathstroke Soldier 6 months ago
Roberts Capo 6 months ago
KBK-Phantom Boss 6 months ago
T-Dolla Consigliere 6 months ago
Donato Capo 6 months ago
Arnie Global Risk 6 months ago
DonatoV2 Capo 6 months ago
Rypoo Boss 6 months ago
BakirIzetbegovic Soldier 6 months ago

Latest births into the Mafia Online World

Character Rank Born
Makayla Newborn 8 hours ago
dadadad Newborn 17 hours ago
DimaF Newborn 17 hours ago
Svyatoslav Newborn 17 hours ago
Mortdecaiii Newborn 17 hours ago
r3salt Newborn 17 hours ago
TotalOne Newborn 17 hours ago
BossMan21 Newborn 17 hours ago
FalloutBoi Newborn 1 day ago
Yooooo Newborn 2 days ago
Kayotica Consigliere 3 days ago
Ali-Zar Newborn 4 days ago
Depotys Newborn 4 days ago
stella Newborn 1 week ago
Wuppie Criminal 1 week ago
Jaemin Newborn 1 week ago
ECV069 Newborn 1 week ago
mascara Newborn 1 week ago
MelleJ Shooter 1 week ago
EvilKnowsMe Don 1 week ago
Magnolia Newborn 1 week ago
Pikibwe Soldier 1 week ago
Cienfuegos Newborn 1 week ago
Leinad Thug 1 week ago
Alana Newborn 1 week ago

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Mafia Online is a text based mafia game based around the world. We are a mafia game which allows you to play co-operatively and competitively with players from all over the world. Mafia Online is a free to play (f2p) browser game, which does not require any software on your computer to play

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