Leaderboards - Top Mafia Online Players

The highest ranked players in the game, based on rank, economic worth, and violence

Pos. Character Rank
1 ORenIshii Legend
2 TheJoker Godfather
3 jmock8 Global Dominator
4 brendan Global Threat
5 TOMMO Global Risk
6 6ix9ine Enemy of The State
7 KingAlbania Enemy of The State
8 OneEyedKing Boss
9 Yroth Boss
10 Zejoao Boss
11 DarthVader Boss
12 phoenix Boss
13 marsel_gj Underboss
14 Thelma Underboss
15 SparklyClown Underboss
16 KBK-Karma Consigliere
17 Housparty_Aman Consigliere
18 Shady Consigliere
19 VitoScaletta Consigliere
20 ElvisPresley Consigliere
21 Truekilla Consigliere
22 Mikalacki Consigliere
23 Frxn_k Consigliere
24 MethWhale Capo
25 Sammy Capo

A player's economy rating is based on cash, assets, bullets, bank accounts, safehouses, cars, and businesses

Pos. Character Rank
1 jmock8 Global Dominator
2 ORenIshii Legend
3 brendan Global Threat
4 KingAlbania Enemy of The State
5 TheJoker Godfather
6 TOMMO Global Risk
7 6ix9ine Enemy of The State
8 Yroth Boss
9 Sammy Capo
10 Dare078 Capo
11 SparklyClown Underboss
12 gushygushy Hitman
13 BigSal Shooter
14 Housparty_Aman Consigliere
15 Shady Consigliere
16 renlleshi Capo
17 Dongerlord Capo
18 RixkyZ Hitman
19 Flingo Capo
20 DarthVader Boss
21 Nicotine Hitman
22 phoenix Boss
23 OneEyedKing Boss
24 Freek Soldier
25 Russ13k Associate

Violence ratings are based on the number and rank of the players you have successfully killed

Pos. Character Rank
1 TheJoker Godfather
2 TOMMO Global Risk
3 DarthVader Boss
4 ORenIshii Legend
5 ElvisPresley Consigliere
6 jmock8 Global Dominator
7 OneEyedKing Boss
8 KingAlbania Enemy of The State
9 Truekilla Consigliere
10 Yroth Boss
11 Beununes Newborn
12 CoaPlayZ Newborn
13 Dare1970 Youth
14 DJOLESRB Newborn
15 Cricket89 Newborn
16 Overlon Newborn
17 Saiyajin Newborn
18 Nenad Newborn
19 Tedoo Newborn
20 Esadroki Newborn
21 Achilles Newborn
22 James Criminal
23 bloodugo Initiate
24 Gay_Men_Are_My_Kink_ Rookie
25 Jayson Newborn

The last 25 players who have come to a bloody end

Character Rank Time of Death
peepeepoopoo Thug 14 hours ago
IronMan Don of Dons 6 days ago
jmock9 Associate 3 days ago
TitoRubberface Don of Dons 1 month ago
peepeepoopoofartbum Consigliere 5 days ago
TesterReborn Newborn 6 days ago
MattDamon Don of Dons 6 days ago
Mosin Don of Dons 1 week ago
Francis Global Dominator 1 month ago
Deadpool Godfather 2 months ago
Arnie Global Risk 1 month ago
Harleen Godfather 1 month ago
Tester Newborn 6 days ago
Al-Caporge-IV Thug 1 week ago
OneEyedReaperII Don of Dons 1 week ago
simke Underboss 1 month ago
Karkinos Soldier 1 month ago
Stalin Capo 1 month ago
Gorbachev Don 1 month ago
OneEyedReaper Global Risk 1 month ago
Al-Caporge-III Associate 1 week ago
Al-Caporge-II Consigliere 1 week ago
Al-CaPorge Don 2 months ago
Kiimaras Legend 2 months ago
Capten Global Risk 2 months ago

Latest births into the Mafia Online World

Character Rank Born
Pedro Newborn 1 hour ago
KURCOGLAVAC Newborn 3 hours ago
cocoMona Shooter 3 hours ago
Genci Newborn 8 hours ago
SoloDolou Newborn 12 hours ago
Muhamed Newborn 13 hours ago
Kasper Youth 18 hours ago
valdrin Newborn 18 hours ago
squarepants Newborn 21 hours ago
Mario Newborn 1 day ago
Slavija Youth 1 day ago
Brki1 Newborn 1 day ago
dejavu Newborn 1 day ago
Arsa15 Newborn 1 day ago
Samuelll1 Newborn 1 day ago
Mafiozi Newborn 1 day ago
Johnny Newborn 1 day ago
Ogg1312 Newborn 1 day ago
Samuell Newborn 1 day ago
Luygu Newborn 1 day ago
Dalph Newborn 1 day ago
Giamboschi Newborn 1 day ago
JohnWick Newborn 1 day ago
Sokolovic Newborn 1 day ago
kjoyyy Newborn 1 day ago

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Mafia Online is a text based mafia game based around the world. We are a mafia game which allows you to play co-operatively and competitively with players from all over the world. Mafia Online is a free to play (f2p) browser game, which does not require any software on your computer to play

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